19112011 Trip to KK

Once again, its another trip there and as usual, the mission is to clean up the place (again) and also transfer some of the newly gotten furniture there. Today, its going to be a real good one since the car is so full, there were literally no space for more than two people.

Its not the volume I am worried about but this car is not mine and I am afraid we could scratch it. And also, any bumps or sudden stops could turn them into offensive blunt objects.

This is Kristine's solution to getting a space in the car as the backrest is too dangerous.

Halfway through the journey, she was very quiet all of a sudden... Yep, she fell asleep.

Once we have reached the place, the girls, especially Kristine, were very excited and started helping in moving the stuff from the car without being told. Something which is almost a miracle.

Shit! Rats!

Fanta! Grape!

There was a reason why we needed to get to the place early because we have made an appointment with the contractor. Unfortunately, when we called up to confirm, the rude bitch could not remember our appointment. And so, after forcing her, she found it and had the gall to say that her people are busy with another appointment and we have to wait. I was not happy at all and I was extremely pissed when we happen to go for lunch and found their 'workers' hard at work. Fuck you, bitch. Now I wonder why not many people are 'willing' to hang around all these hardware/one-stop shops all over here.

At least the noodles distracted us away from all that crap.

When mine came, I forgot all about it and all I want was the curry 'soup'.... aaahhhhh.....bliss

Kristine's hunger distracted her until she forgot how to solve a 'long' problem.

After lunch, its back to work! My stash, which survived the termite attack years before.

My stash after cleaning up and moving into the 'workroom'. Yes, my very own workroom! Soon, my friends, soon!
And so, when the day has come to a stop, its time to reevaluate our strategies on how to squeeze more work out of these shops/contractors. Yep, we still have a few more vict...er, shops to visit...

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