Of Pizzas and Model Kits

The day is not over yet. After coming back from KK, I needed to stop by Hobby HQ. Thanks to Mr. Low, we now know that mysterious person who knows a lot about water pumps is Michael. After letting Wife discuss with him, we more or less made up our minds on which shop to get them from and what brand.

Yes, the girls are tired out, which is not surprising since they were literally jumping about in the house.

After Hobby HQ, they wanted Pizza and the closest I could think of, that has no traffic jams nor people, we the one in Jalan Kuchai Lama.

Did I mentioned that I bought this? Its a very cheap model kit, just as a token of thanks to Mr. Low who gave us Michael's details. Surprisingly, Wife let me buy it.

Its a very simple kit with almost all the parts I needed for my future project.

I shall ignore these. I just cannot understand instructions anymore.

Details are so-so, not so sharp and there are quite a bit of flash.

OK, food's here! Yum-yum!

The girls are very hungry. Maybe, this IS their time to grow

Nothing special here but I very much prefer thin crusts of Domino's nowadays

Kristine and her long problem again

Girls, you know who is going to pay for all these?

Yes, you. The two of you. Daddy and Mommy ran out of cash...

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Blueyebabe said...

lolz...get the gals to pay the meal! that's my evil idea too~