A day in the Life of a (Temp) Househusband Part 2

By mid-afternoon, its times to fetch Kristine back from the school. But before that, I have to get Kaelynn first since hers finished minutes before Kristine. I guess I can get used to this for a few weeks, I suppose, or until my Mom gets back on her feet.

Some parents are already starting to wait outside the school.

The girls making their own lime-ade after lunch.

Come Dinner time, it was off to Mid-Valley to get some much needed items for Mom at the Hospital.

Our Dinner at the Foodcourt.

The girls are enjoying themselves with their meal, esp the one with the big sausage
So far, so good. But I sense that something is going to break, being the pessimistic person that I am. Already I have seen signs that my Dad's attention goes to Mom instead of anyone else.

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