Being a Temporary Househusband Part 1

Since I have taken three day's leave, its time to get things into order as best as we can. But whatever it is, we have to make sure the girls do not miss school if we can help it. For now, my Mom is in UH and so, my Dad goes there to make sure she is OK. As for me, I will fetch the girls to and from school.

Which is not a problem until you realise that they are at different ends of the Federal Highway. And have different time tables...

Kristine starts at seven-ish while Kaelynn's is at eleven. OK, got it.
Except for Mondays and Fridays, Kristine's school ends at... whoa, whoa, whoa! This is getting complicated! After trying to memorise the schedule and getting an earful from my Wife, I think I got it. And in the middle of all this, there is housework to be done and also, making sure whoever is in the house, gets lunch. Plus, the kids, too when they come home. By the time all this is done, its four in the afternoon.

And by night, after Dinner, we take turns to go up and visit Mom while the other waits in the car. Once its over, we go home to put the kids to bed while I return to get my Dad. It not that we don't want to pay for the parking but it feels kinda lonely at the car park. Furthermore, my Dad said so.

Kaelynn likes to accompany her sister to school, which is something new to her as usually, I drop Kristine off on my way to the Office.

Three hours later, it was her turn

An hour later, lunch is ready. I can cook but it no point sending everyone to the Hospital too.

Yum-yum. My reward for the day.

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