Mom's Stroke II

I think I am still stunned from all this. I mean, just this morning, even when I had to turn back to get Kristine's glasses, I did not feel much anger nor the impulsive feeling of making everyone knows that I am pissed off. Maybe its me aging, or maybe, its just shock.

My Wife told me that Mom's left side was affected and apart from that, she was quite alert although she could not speak much.

So, with everyone sleeping while I was the chauffer for the girls, I just felt that there should be something more I can do. My sister would be rushing back from Singapore today too, to see what else can be done. So, right now, I just need to do what I can do for the moment. But I did some small talk with the Wife, perhaps, I can just resign from the current company, and hope to do part-time with my ex-Boss, at least this will solve the problem of chauffering the girls and still be able to pay for the bills.

And just this morning, when I saw RM20.00 lying on the floor near when I was buying some nasi lemak for the family, it just did not occur to me that I could just scoop it up and take it. Rather, I was standing guard on the crumpled notes and looking around, seeing which person dropped it. After feeling that none of them was the one, I just left.

Something is wrong with me. I could still have just taken it...

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