Madman Lighting's

I am at Bruce's now, looking at his 'new' Electronic Lighting Kit which he bought from Madman Lighting (Yes, that's the name of the company). It is the first time I have ever seen an overseas lighting kit. And when I say its a kit, it really is a kit.

These are the parts that came in the kit. (From left) An instruction CD, LEDs, wires, PCB, heatshrink sleeves and fiber-optic cables.

A closer look at the LED sets. You can't go wrong with this setup

Man, I am envious of the PCB design.
And so, what Madman did was to provide you the solution that you wanted all along. Except that there is one small detail which you must know. You need to DIY. Which, for me, is not a problem but because the kit was designed to be used in US, you need a special tool, which is called the Wire-wrapping tool. A very common tool in US industry and also colleges but a very rare tool here. I have been trained on this when I was in college in UK but for those who are not really exposed to it, their usual response would either be, "What's that?" to "What do you mean it costs RM98 for this piece of metal?"

After showing Bruce how to use the tool, we got to test out the Lighting Kit

And it was fun playing with fibre-optics too.
Once when I am free, I will definitely write a review about Madman's Lighting kits. But right now, its not the time as work comes first and to be really doing justice to such a marvelous work of engineering, I need all the time I can get. But deep inside me, I believe, this is going to be one of those things that will inspire and encourage me.