Marvel Icons Iron Man Part III

I was lucky to 'rediscover' the smaller version which I bought years ago and do a small but unimportant comparison just for your amusement. Looking back at it, I bought the larger Iron Man years before Hot Toys did Marvel. And also, looking back at it again, (whooo... 360ยบ turn), I still do not regret not getting a Hot Toys Iron Man.

The reason was that working at this current company, I have seen the weakness of PU and PVC that happens after a few years. It will breakdown, even if you do not touch it nor even look at it. So, I guess, things are not going to last forever, even if they are great things to you.

Big Fella and Lil' fella

They look almost the same scale-wise and pay no attention to the painting

Even the faces are quite similar except the smaller Tony Stark has a wider moustache

In terms of shoulder pads, one of them is wrong and if you look at the drawing below,

The shoulder pad on the bigger Iron Man is correct.
Anyway, with the two Iron Mans in the collection, its great. But for me, because the bigger Iron Man, the one which I have so much hope for, is made of vinyl, the dream of lighting it up is gone. Even if I do get it done one day, its not easy to blue back vinyl together.

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