NERF Raider CS-35

Since I am still here, its time to take a look at the NERF Raider which I bought last month at Toys R Us. And so, to recap, the real reason I got this Raider was because of its parts. How well it shoots the darts, Slam Fire Capabilities are of no importance to me. I will tell you why...

Here I am, with the NERF Raider CS-35. Let's open it

And so, this is how it looks like. See the little piece at the bottom next to the 35-round drum?

Its this piece. The Raider is the only NERF that has this part which you must click into the weapon. OH, once you click it in, you cannot take it out unless you open up the whole weapon. It is this part which allows the Raider to take clips and drums of the N-Strike series. And also, this is the part which I am after.

Oh, yes, you little baby you. Wait till I get this into the NERF Barricade.
And so, I plan to integrate this part into the NERF Barricade because I have seen other people doing it on the Internet and it looks fun. I mean, with this part, you can transform your barricade from a 10-shot to a well, 6, 18, 35 shots. So, in the heat of the battle, you do not have to waste time reloading all the darts but just change clips for fresh rounds. However, the next thing I have to worry about is, can it use other darts?

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