I have a Longshot!

24082012 2359

Yes, now I have a Longshot, courtesy of Richard from The Outpost. Its a bit of a long story too. When 'The Outpost' changed their company direction last year, I did ask Richard if there were any Longshots in their inventory, working or not. There was one but it was not to be given away. Then this time, NERF Community asked if I could assist them in designing a Shotgun grip for the Longshots and I had to ask around for one to do some R&D stuff. Long story short, Richard gave me one, but it could not fire. Which is still fine by me because, I only need the shell for measurements.

The good news is that, he also gave me a Raider Clip 'clipper'
(Don't ask me, I have no name for that part either)

After doing some play...er, measurements, my itchy finger got very very itchy and I started to wonder why it could not shoot since the plunger works when I insert a chopstick into it...

Found out that the 'Jam Clearing Door' was the cause. It sort of skipped out of place which results in all safety locks preventing me from pulling the trigger.

No, I did not warp the Longshot. I was merely testing the Panoramic function on my Nokia n8.

I know feeling from the screws and all, this Longshot has been opened before and after about 105 minutes, it was as good as new. But, when I accidentally dry fired, the sounds were not that good...
Still, I have my very own Longshot now and next, I am going to R&D on it. That is, when I have some R&D funds...

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