Trip to KWC

24082012 1324
Richard asked me if I wanted to follow him to the Jalan Hang Tuah Fashion Mall. I fully know what he meant (Kenanga Wholesale Centre aka KWC) after he passed me a broken NERF Longshot.

Since the promised freelance work was well, not promised, I said yes.

Nice customised car. Too bad about the front

These 'leather' jackets were being sold at RM60.00. They're not real and after some scuffing, it would come off in days. For that price, RM25.00 should be more like it. It was tempting for Richard's latest project but there were no matching pants.

Lunch at the Foodcourt. I ordered an ABC Special which was quite tall and all the contents/ice were starting to fall off just as soon as you dig you spoon into it. Yep, my sugar fix for the month.

Richard's carbo binge

My ABC Special came with Yam Ice Cream (that's the 'special' part) and this is what was left when I finished it. Full of ice and the bottom ingredients (such as beans, corn, etc) were minimal. At best, I was literally eating a bowl of syruped ice.

Top Floor of KWC, which serves as a very good filming area, NERF competitions and so on. Its a little bit windy but it was the unpainted pillars which grabbed our attention the most.

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