New and leftover Toys

24082012 1653

A visit to the local Toys r Us this afternoon. Nothing much there since there are no new movies coming in. And so, these are the only 'latest' toys. I pity the GI Joe ones whose movie was delayed to next year. Not only that, the prices were steeper compared to their previous movie's offering, it really made them into non-movers on the shelves. Too bad.

This is something I have not seen earlier, must be from a 'late' shipment. This is from the Avenger's SHIELD Helicarrier. The size is impressive but somethow, when I looked back at the stills, this is not close enough.

New Transformers figures from the game, 'Fall of Cybertron'. Optimus and Bee was there but after seeing them in so many variations, it tends to be boring. Most notable was Jazz which in it vehicle mode was very nice. And then you have Shockwave which, with its Tri-Barrel gun, makes it look nasty and this evil looking tried to tempt me to buy it so I can light it up. But oho, I have learnt my lesson with Red Alert who was using ball-joints.

Legacy Harley Quinn from the Batman 'Arkham City' game. Nice but, meh. Not into figures and above all else, I do not have a Playstation3 to get into the mood.

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