I need to stop 'Giving face' to my Wife

You know, when it comes to Marriage, there are a lot of things that each one is grateful for. For example, if a Wife could not cook but tries, the husband would lovingly forgives her, smiles and at the same time, swallows that unpalatable piece of burnt biological disaster. This is also a good

You would have heard of the oft adage or advice for young women that, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" which in fact, is quite wrong. If you look at the human biology, the heart and the stomach are actually not interconnected. Therefore, if you were to force any food into a man's mouth, it never, ever reach his heart. The worse thing that would happen would be a case of diarrhea. So, take it from a former Engineer girls, if you really need to reach his heart, just follow the shortest and most efficient path, which is a drumstick right through his heart.

But for those who are married, you would see a very familiar pattern in which the husband has literally expanded. This is not a ploy by the wive to keep them from being a womaniser nor stopping them from running away. And also, this has nothing to do with what happens under the sheets although this might be a weighty subject. When a man has a wife, it means only one thing; "Yo, bitches! I got a maid who cooks! No more colognes, expensive haircuts and suits. Just my daily cold beer, man."

OK, that was a bit extreme but in any case, getting married means your meals and laundry worrying days are literally over. And so, the man now only concentrates on working for money, his hobby and beer. In other words, he is contended. And when a person is contended, he/she will stop being aggressive or, well, lower their goals by a few notches. Why run when you can have a veer anytime?

Seriously, for me, I am happy and in fact, very grateful for just the existence of my Wife. Lately, I noticed I have started gaining weight too. Ever since my Mom was in the Hospital(s), I really have no appetite and it sort of got worse during her passing. But thanks to my Wife's encouragement and cooking, I am starting to look forward to meal times and being a bit more positive towards Life.

When it comes to finishing all her dishes, I am actually 'giving face' to her cooking. Good or tasteless, I'll eat it all up. But I think I have to step back a bit on the food after examining myself in the mirror today...


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