Mistake in da recipe

Ah, just another opportunity to create some new recipes today. What we have here is a steamed 'hor fun' and a 2-day old spaghetti sauce. Maybe its thanks to my Uni days where I literally ate whatever food I could afford and/or keep in the fridge as they last longer this way.

However, once I came back and started working, I now realised that you cannot just combine any combine any ingredient as you see fit. Although my sardine/corn flakes combo still stands, there are others which failed miserably. For example, you cannot mix curry with ice-cream topping or cook rice with bananas still inside the cooker. Apart from the following test, I think the most successful combo I have done was chicken porridge with bak kut teh soup and a dash of durian.

So, will today's recipe work? Let's try it out.

Ugh. Pasta sauce on its own was good, even with toasted bread. But not on plain steamed 'hor fun'. The closest feeling I can relate to you is like drinking warm Coke/Beer in a sauna. Maybe if Wife fried it with some garlic like she used to, it might work.

So, I have to use the spaghetti sauce on other things and dutifully add the soup to the 'hor fun' which was that was originally supposed to be.

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