The Aunt from Australia

My Aunt from Australia came today, for reasons unknown but what really mattered was that it did not matter. It is always a custom with visiting relatives that whenever they come over, they usually bring gifts.I know its a tradition and also being polite and all but, sometimes, I felt that it was forced. And usually, it always ends up with the receiver playfully not wanting it, while the visitor playfully wants to give and so on. Then I would break the monotony by taking it on their behalf which earns me an earful...

Not that I do not mind but somehow, I just wished... I wished... there were some NERF blasters involved.

There, I've said it. OK, if I want to be honest, I would want wads of cash hidden inside the blaster. Even chucks of gold would be great too.

Do not think for one moment that this is a worn box. It was printed and designed that way.

Yep, straight away, its a wallet and not some electronic gadget...

Kristine got a big baby while Kaelynn had a smaller one. At first, it was a bit frightening since Kristine's was very lifelike.

But she soon got used to it and forced Mommy to give up the food basket...

Oh yeah. Luckily she did not throw it up where the fan was spinning on setting #3

Nice steamed fish and Bak Kut Teh dinner at Old Klang Road.

Man, and I used to think how I can go through chunks of meat like these when I was younger. All I did was use them as sandwich filling. If its too big, no problem. Just fist it,

After dinner, Auntie decided to have some coconut drink

And then, at another place, one thing led to another and now, the both of them had new screen protectors and casings. First, it was Dad.

Then, after some tongue-in-cheek cajoling, it was her turn.

OK, I got one too, since its time I removed the protector as it had some glass chippings. Yeah, and I wanted to show off my Otter casing as well since I'm on a roll.

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