19032016 Salad (or just put everything in...)

I love salads especially Coleslaws but for the moment, this will have to do. Salad are great for when I am too tired or feeling lazy to cook at the end of the day. Weeks ago, my basic salad was just a combination of fruits such as pears and apples, followed with cucumbers, carrots, corn, onions and crunchy chicken floss.

Then, I discovered honey dates which provided the sweetness

Then my Wife repaired the Gas Stove, which means I could fry stuff.

Carrots, cucumber, corn, chicken floss, pears, apple, honey dates. Followed with brinjals fried with garlic and onions.

Mix with one tablespoon of mayonnaise if you have those Kewpie Sauces, that will be great as well. Toss again and keep it in a fridge overnight. This is for the crunchy chicken floss to soak up some of the juice in the salad. I like it this way but others prefer the chicken floss to be added in before serving.
Next, maybe I'll buy a slicer and do some Coleslaw but if possible, I prefer to get them from Marrybrowns or KFC and then work from there. However, both are not within walking distance from where I live. I have crossed Sugarbun out as their price for was horrendously expensive.
RM5.20 for a Large Coleslaw. Even KFC and Marrybrown were much more generous

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