21032016 Who is Vinnfier?

Last weekend, I had the chance to go to One TJ, which is sort of like a Low Yatt Plaza for IT related products. Or maybe, I should call it Imbi Plaza. Or a few IT shops.... It's quite hard to look for real IT stuff over here in Kuching as I was so used to going to places such as PJ's Digital Mall or Low Yatt in KL where all the IT stuff you ever wanted were placed in under one roof. And just like Low Yatt, there was also a shop which caters for Gunpla; Heng Kim Trading. But that's for another post.

Anyway, due to my Job at the moment, building a PC from scratch is out of the question since I would probably have no idea on the specs as I am so out of touch since the late 90's. All I know is, it must be compact and have an ASUS motherboard. Then I got lost in their motherboard catalogue... After that, there is this annoying logic of what should I do with it once its built, etc. To be honest, right now, I just wanted a decent sound system that has at least a Bluetooth Connection with a very nice Sub. And radio is optional. During my time, the one I would look for would be Altec Lansing,which unfortunately, was not so 'hot' here. Which could explain the non-existence of their products on the shelves.

So, after looking at the shops, there was this brand which kept popping up at the shelves: Vinnfier. I know its a local brand but to be able to come up with a lot of designs also made me sceptical. At best, they could just be rebadged units from China. I have already selected two models which has their Pros and Cons and well, as usual, the price differences, which would be the determining factor. If I can just let go about the Radio, the Ultra 6 looks good...

RM219.00  Xenon 8 BTR (Sub 34W RMS, 12W RMS, 12W RMS)
3.5mm, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth, Remote, Radio OCL Amp(huh?)

RM399.00 Ultra 6 BTU (Sub 70W RMS,15W RMS, 15W RMS)
3.5mm, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth, Remote

And so, when I was looking for furhter information...

Vinnfier Ripping Off Boombox?

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