24032016 The Lights of me Lamp

As my mood changes, so does the my sensitivity towards lighting. Being slightly depressed and also pressured, I need the lighting to be muted. The only thing that can do this would be to shine a table lamp towards the ceiling. This creates a very nice diffused or muted ambiance which I craving am now.

However, tempted as I may, I did not want to buy a table lamp as they're too 'short' or had small shades which stops it from spreading light into a larger area. And so I had this stupid idea of creating my own lamp, using large metallic dish or wok as reflectors. However, the challenge was on how to secure these large and heavy objects on to the existing lamp. In the end, the solution presented itself in the form of an IKEA Melodi lamp. How IKEA stuff came to Kuching without an IKEA store, is another story. And with one custom made plastic ring, courtesy of the Utility Department, my Lamp is done!

This is how my room looked like in February with a 15Watt

By pure luck, I found a shop which sells this E27 extender when I was looking  for some parts to make a new 'lamp'.

This was how the room looked with the bulb extender and the 18Watt lamp. It's too bright to me but when my Wife came  over, they said it was OK.

Everynight, I tell you. Everynight this was how the ceiling looked. Well, not really as I needed to tone down the exposure to get this pattern

Then I got the Utility Department to help create a large 3" washer from some 5mm plastic scrap

And sliding it into the IKEA (Yes, IKEA. IN Kuching) Melodi lamp  shade, my new lamp is now ready!

This was how the room looked with the new 18Watt bulb after I removed the extender as I could not stand the harsh lighting. The reflector from the bulb casts a very harsh shadow line on the curtains and walls.

And now, the light seemed softer, bright but softer. This  is the best I can get for now, without having to break the wallet or the ceiling...
One day, I'll need to look for a very large draft/tracing paper to diffuse the bottom of the shade

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