26032016 Sup Bunjut

Today is the day I am going to make.. Sup Bunjut!

This is a sort of a Spice Soup where spices were wrapped in a white cloth and dropped into the pot of water filed with chicken meat or beef. My Wife got this for me at the nearby shops and the brand was Adabi

Anyway, her instructions were very simple. You boil the water with with the sup bunjut pack for 10 minutes in high heat, then add in the potatoes and carrots and let them cook in medium heat for 10 minutes. Then turn the heat off and wait. After that, add in the chicken and let it cook in low heat for 20 minutes.

There. Simple.

Everything went fine until at the last stage, I realised I forgot to put in that soup pack. So, I had to start again by bringing in fresh water and let it boil with the soup pack. Once that was done, I added back the earlier carrots/potatoes soup back in before going for the last step.

The 1 hour soup took more than two hours and by that time, I have missed lunch. Which means this will be for dinner. All the time, I was hungry and pissed for missing out that crucial step.

Due to some miscommunication, I missed this morning's Van to the market. So, it was the 15 minutes walk to Everise for my groceries. Since I was there too early, I decided to buy whatever I could and also had my breakfast there

And so, this is another experiment for me, cooking via WhatsApp...

Missed one step and so, I'm restarting again, by boiling that small packet for 10 minutes and then, slowly add in the earlier soup. Luckily, I did not pour them away as most of the ingredients have been absorbed into the earlier soup. If I did, the disaster would be even worse.

And so, I let it boil. And I let it boil. And I let it boil some more.
OK, so I was busy with communicating with everyone today, which made me forgot about the soup...

In the end, the water evaporated well, I got a nice soup (I think) and tonight, add in a half teaspoon of salt, it should be OK.

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