26032016 Super Hot Salad

While I was busy messaging everyone and also cooking the soon-to-be disastrous Sup Bunjut for lunch, I actually had time to make a Salad too. This time, the Salad will be different. Sure, it will have the basic cucumber, carrot and honeyed dates combo but that's as far as my plan would go. You see, before the gas stove, all the food I cooked, if they could be called cooking, that is, were mainly 'cold' foods. You know, fresh fruit salads, instant noodles or cooked rice with eggs. But ever since my Wife repaired the gas stove, the things became different.

We can now stir-fry stuff!

Anyway, coming back to the Salad, I am going to stir-fry some brinjals with garlic and onions for the Salad. Its a simple matter of frying the garlic until fragrant, then add in the onions and the brinjals. But then comes the problem as they will still come out tasting bland. Which is not a problem for me since the Salad will have mayonnaise anyway. Or so I thought. In a flash,  I was thinking, 'Hey, how about making a hot Salad?'

And so, I scooped up a TABLESPOON of the SUPER HOT CHILI and into the frying pan.

I mean, I wanted to add in a tablespoon of mayonnaise but itchy finger 'ol me decided to do the old switcheroo at the last micro second because, hey, the brinjals stlll tasted bland. And so, now I have a Super Hot Salad for the next few days, which I hope, I don't fart fire for the next few days...

I got this huge and dangerous looking slicer for RM3.99. If you look closely, there are two blades in there. I did not notice that since I was happily slicing the carrots until AFTER I washed it.

This is the Super Hot Chili Sauce. Trust me on this: A half teaspoon can already set your tongue on fire.
And me? Me scoopzd one da big TABLESPOON into the frying pan...

So, the ingredients are: Carrots, Cucumbers, Honey Dates, sesame seed, brinjals fried with garlic, onions and chili sauce. No  point adding in anything more since the chilli sauce is all you can taste now.

Last minute addition: An Apple and sprinkled some Maggi Cukup Rasa
OK, it's been in the fridge for more than a hour now and I have tested it on a piece of cracker. I can taste the individual ingredient and it quite good. But hiding in the background is the chili. So, don't chortle, choke or even laugh as it will take that opportunity to burn your throat. Already the tip of my tongue is starting to have that tingly burning feeling sensation and oh, now its the lips too.... Its going to double up as an excellent pasta sauce on a boring night or even, for a bland soup!

If it lasts that long, that is. I just caught myself sneaking for another bite from the fridge...

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