27032016 My Miracle Curry

Basically, making curry (to me) is quite simple, thanks to those pre-made Curry Packs. You can never go wrong with them.

Or so I thought.

Plus, one thing I have learnt is that when you need to cook something which involves communication via WhatsApp to your Wife, you NEED to make sure she is available and also discuss your game plan during the pre-planning stage. The situation can go from "Yeah!" to "Oh, sh*t" in matter or seconds.

Hours before this, I marinated the chicken with some curry powder. I love Onions and so, I sliced, cut and fried about 4 onions, along with some garlic and ginger.

As soon as the chicken looks slightly cooked, I added half a packet of the curry into the pot. This was where I got distracted with the WhatsApp and left a burnt mark on the side of the pot.

(L-R) These are the vegetables I'll be adding, longbeans, potatoes, bits of brocoli, brinjals

Halfway through, I had to take out everything because one mistake...

The vegetables will cook very quickly but not the potatoes. So, I need to cut them to smaller sizes.

Almost there, and it's the time to add the milk. However, I added to early since I wanted the curry to simmer for an hour. Which mean the milk was being boiled for too long.

Anyway, it looks hot and tasted quite good. But for a real oomph, coconut milk (aka santan) is the best solution. However, they also make the curry go bad very fast too, something I cannot  accept since this need to last for a week.
I  left it to cool overnight and on the next morning, I put them into five plastic containers. This would last me for 5 meals, each with a generous serving.

This is the ready-mix curry which I use only half the pack.

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