29032016 The Pasta Solution

Sometimes, when you're between eating phases, no matter what they are there would be a point where you are basically bored with the food. There was a day I got bored between eating the egg/rice combo and curry/rice stuff.

And for me, no matter what the dish was for the day, falling back to pasta was always the best answer to my bored but hungry stomach. This was because you can literally add anything to them and they still taste wonderful (to me, that is). Add some salad and you have a healthy dish, a dollop of sardine/ diced onions or even salmon flakes, you're good to go too. Seaweed leaves, a few spoonfuls of Dhal or even those coconut sauces you get with Tosai can still make this humble pasta look delicious. One day, I'm going to make some salad with them.

But for tonight, it was chicken curry and spaghetti! Yay!

Healthy? It depends on what and  how much ingredients you add to this little amazing carbo wonder.

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