31032016 Frozen Dinner

My frozen dinner idea is working. But this is not  something new. During my Uni days, my Flatmate and I have been doing this since the early 90's and this is one way of making sure our money lasts. Even my Dad said the same thing, which is to go get a big chunk of minced meat, fried it with onions and keep it in the fridge, only to take it out when you need to eat it with some rice. Not only that, it also offers the convenience of not having to spend so much time in ht kitchen to prepare a meal from scratch.

What I do is, before I leave for work, I'll take one box out of the freezer and leave it inside thee fridge for it to slowly thaw out. It would be ready for heating up by the time I get off work. But on the occasion that I forgot to take it out, well, I'm still not worried.

The best thing about frozen blocks of er... curry is that you can slowly bring it to the boil. What I did here was to add some water to the pot. But of course, time was wasted to cook the spaghetti earlier.

Once the curry is ready, and with the additional water, I now have my very own curried pasta!
So far, the plan is working and looking into the groceries for the week, I would save quite a bit but not much. It needs more fine-tuning, which I'll explain later.

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