02042016 Double Boiled Curry

I'm very sure some of you would have heard of double boiling. it has nothing to do with heating food twice, though. This is a method where your food/soup in a (usually ceramic) container is placed over another pot of boiling water.

Lightbulb blink already?

This double boiling method is very common for those who deals with chocolates. They are heated via the boiling water and not directly from the flame. So, you get an evenly melted chocolate without burning it. But for the Chinese they have their very own special double-boiling jar which has minimal evaporation and thus seals in the nutrients. But for me, tonight's dinner is to make sure I do not have burnt curry...

Very simply put, I put the frozen curry in a small pot surrounded by water in a bigger pot

As the water boils, it indirectly melts and heats up the curry. Since I do not have a cover for the smaller pot, I just covered the bigger pot.

Add that with the beaten egg inside the cooked rice, its delicious!

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