03042016 Return of The Hot Salad

Yeah, I am starting to love this Hot Salad and because of this irresistible dish, my tin of crackers are finishing fast! The chili was starting to wear off after a few days and so, its quite nice now. Either that or my tolerance for that Chili has gone up.

Sad day for me because I accidentally left the bowl of Hot Salad out in the open overnight. The shocking thing was, neither  the ants nor the flies touched it. But since it was condemned by the Home Ministry, I had to comply.

Sunday came and so, the Hot  Salad returned! This time, I fried the hot chili along with the brinjal/onion/garlic before adding them to the usual suspects of carrots, cucumbers, thinly sliced onions, boiled potatoes, pears, apples and some pineapples. One thing I need to add is that the fumes from the fried chili can still irritate your nostrils and throat.

With so  much ingredients, I had to use the bigger rice cooker bowl. Add in three tablespoons of mayo and its looking good. Roasted a some roasted sesame seeds plus a prinkle of Maggi's 'Cukup Rasa' and its done!

This time, I did not use the honey dates (for sweetening) and surprisingly, the salad still stands.

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