03042016 Curry with Pineapple and Tomato

This was how I bought the pineapple from the wet market. After cutting them into 1.5cm slices, I used three for the Hot Salad and another three for the curry. The rest, is put into the fridge.

Too late I realised that the second pack of defrosted chicken was actually white meat. So, I sliced them up and again, marinated with the curry powder, kunyit and onions for about two hours while I cleaned the Condo. The I fried them with the ginger/garlic/more onions. Because the fire is quite big and this pot sticks, I had to fry them very fast if I do not want to use too much oil.

I then added the remaining (almost 2/3) of the ready mix curry, which was the 'Mak Nyonya' brand. Do not ask me if its good or not since I could never tell the difference. Curry is just curry to me, like fish being fish.

Very quickly, I added about 2/3 of water and let it simmer for a bit, making sure everything is mixed.

Time to add in the potatoes, tomatoes.

Alas, there was only enough space for two medium sized brinjals. I was tempted to use the rusting wok but, to be safe, and not die alone, I stuck back to using the pot. And yeah, let it simmer with a small flame for about an hour or slightly more.

Left it to cool overnight (it was still warm the next morning) and scooped them into 8 plastic containers. This was because on the first attempt, the 5 portions were too much.
And so, this is the experiment curry using pineapple and tomatoes. I am not sure how it will taste like since I have yet to finish off the first batch this week. But I am hoping it would be sweet.

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