17042016 The Embryo Drive

For the past few days, the dinner menu has changed again and this time, the vict... er, choice are eggs.

Originally, I was worried about the amount of other vegetables and stuff that was in the fridge for weeks. Yes, weeks and not days. And so, I decided to make some omelettes with them. I haven't been eating eggs for quite some time and so it was as good a reason to finish up the food before they go into the bin.

One thing great is that for every meal (that uses two eggs), the other half can be kept until the next day which I can just mince it and add to some pasta or rice.

I know I'm going to have eggs almost every day because I had just bought another carton of 30 eggs... Yeah, this  could be bad.

The brinjal/onions/luncheon meat omelette was slighly burnt as I was cooking, washing and and tending to the pasta at the same time...

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