19042016 Come here, Mr. Egg!

I am out of the curry and salad phase now and I think, into the omelette world.My original plan was to cook the curry, divide them into daily packs and then freeze them. This would mean I would be able to have curry for my daily dinner. But I can only enjoy so much curry before I got bored with them. (Unless I can find a cheap source of healthy crackers and turn the curry into a dip..)

Anyway, h
ow the eggs came into the picture also caught me by surprise. It started with an innocent (but squishy) boiled egg in the rice cooker and before I know it, they evolved to getting fried by the pan.

Too much leftover ingredients? Make an omelette!
Got extra from last night's dinner? Make an omelette!
Nothing else to make a fast meal? Make an omelette!

Eggs to me, are a very quick way to make a meal, provided I do not burn them, something I need to remind myself when I multi-cook. Not sure  why but when I'm cooking alone and needing a fast meal, I find myself cooking about two to three things at the same time. The same happened when I was doing the curry and salad during lunchtime.

While waiting for the noodles to boil, I cut up some garlic and onions along with that pork fuchuk. These are the ingredients for the omelette.

Once the Kampua noodles are ready, I had to mix them immediately or else it would just clump up when left alone and in the cold.

At the same time, I'm frying the omelette. Its a little brown on one side and also, the broken top was when I tried to flip it over. This is the problem when the pan fire got too hot.

Anyway, (Clockwise from top)
1. Sliced cucumbers with chopped garlic/sliced onions/light soya sauce
2. Grenadine mixed with Milk and water
3. Kampua Mee with sesame oil/light soya sauce/Garlic chili/pepper
4. Garlic/Onions/Porky fuchuk omelette

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