30042016 Cappin the Milky milky

Throughout the decades, our milk comes in that familiar Tetrapak design. To get the milk out, you need to unfold the corner flap up and cut the edges. Or course, you could tear the edges but then we would get scolded.

For the past three years, the design has changed; it now comes with a plastic flip cover. To open it, you first need to peel off the metallic sticker away to creat the hole for the pouring. It was fine until a year later, those metallic stickers will break halfway and I had to use chopsticks to poke it open. Things became worse when the glue holding the plastic flip started to fail. In the end, you're left with the 'original' Tetrapak again.

Improving on a design is laudable. But sometimes, when its already perfect, it really senseless to improve it further. This design did not egree with me because when you start stacking them, the extra millimeter of the cover can til the whole stack. And when you change the glue's formula, the flip-cover can come off with a slight knock. At the end of the day, it could be just production cost. Because this does not construe as convenience to the customer but plain stupidity.

And just yesterday, it now has a 'new' design. A screw-on cap. I just hope these are bio-degradable plastic as well. I wonder what else can go wrong with this...

I won;t know how the screw-on cap fares until I use it since it has a lock which means once you open it, its, 'Use me. NOW!'.

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