30042016 More potato salad

 For the next week  or so, Sarawak is going to have an election for reasons why, I am not even going to bother. But it does give me a great excuse to stock up on food. I am going to create three containers of potato salad. Yeah, you heard me. I now have some frozen curry and pasta sauce to last me for at least two weeks.

So again, the ingredients are very simple:

7x hard boiled eggs
8x medium potatoes
1x big white onion
3x carrots
1x big cucumber

Because I only have one pot for boiling, this process is very long. I figured it took me almost an hour and a half. Anyway, boil the potatoes first and when it's ready, dice it to about 1cm cubes. Next would be the eggs, which when ready, slice and dice them as cleanly as you can. Mine was a slaughter since I still don't have those fancy egg slicers. Actually, while you're boiling those stuff, you can actually dice the carrots to 5mm cubes and cucumbers to 1cm cubes first. As for the onions, slice them thinly to maybe, 1 to 2mm.

Once done, mix them all up with about 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise. For me, I prefer not to add too much of mayo or sauce. And I'm done!

This is the second assignment for poor old pot. After the potatoes, it was the eggs. Funnily enough, I was intrigued with how the eggs align themselves instead of swimming around the bubbles/current created by the burners
Yeah, this time, the ingredients are going to fill this big rice cooker almost about 3/4 up

Always. Always cool the potatoes and eggs in a bowl of cold water. And yeah, you can change the water if it gets too hot. Putting them under the running water is great too as it might speed up the heat transfer but watch your water bill.

Finally, three bowls of potato salad! I got these nice green containers for RM2.90 since I am a Boulevard Card Member. Otherwise, I would have cost me RM3.90 instead. So, I have saved RM4.00 already and by now, the card's membership fee has already paid for by itself.

For the final bowl, I decided to try out this Marine Tuna, which is 'Black pepper and lemon' flavoured. It was on sale fro RM5.67but again, as a Card Member, I got it for RM4.99. They are expensive but heck, this is the first of the month, time to enjoy a little...

Man, this tastes good! Although it does have a lot of oil, but the spicy and tangy lemon really made a difference!

The key to making thing taste good is moderation. I added about two and a half tablespoon of the tuna into the salad and it tasted awesome! Although it was not on the can's ingredient list, somehow I keep tasting hints of mint.

This is so awesome!

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