01052016 Boom!

Sometimes, I think I tend to be too smart or stupid for my own good. As today was the first of the month, it was time for me to clean the whole place. The place I am staying has three bedrooms, a spare room, a kitchen and three bathrooms. So, after sweeping, mopping and all, I was literally sweating. And then there's the sink, which needed a good scrubbing. Anyway, at this point, I am going on automatic which means, my brain is now off.

And I am really in the mood.

And so, the next vict..er, target was the stove. It looked so dirty and after each cooking session, I noticed there were a lot of fine particles surrounding each burner. Naturally, I gave them all a good scrubbing with the Jif and out came all the debris. Or shall I call them carbons...

Anyway, things looked good after I cleaned the burners and noticed the fire was coming out strong on most holes like jet flames. But then, thing started to go wrong when I turned the burners off, the fire did not go out. It was on the burner's edges.

Suddenly, the cupboard doors below the stove slammed open and there was a fireball. I was suprised and shocked, and with an almost small-kid crying shout, 'shit' I ran out and disconnected the gas cylinder.

It was not until I started to smell something burnt did I realise that some of my hair was burned as well. I thought I was funny in the movies where their eyebrows or facial hair were burned off but slowly, when I started to feel my face.

Man. Just leave the place alone for a month and this is the amount of dust that appaeared

Just look at the amount of carbon on the sink. Its like fine black pepper. Most of the burner are rusted.

After putting them back into place, I tested each one and the flames are much better but maybe I should have waited until they dry up and not use the flame's heat to do it. Anyway, I notice one burner's flame did not go out even after I had turned it off. Seconds later the doors swung open and there was a huge fireball! Once the sight haze settled, I started to smell something burnt.

All those scenarios of comedy shows of people getting their eyebrows or hair singes flashed across. So, just for a joke, I looked at my legs and oh boy. The hair were gone. By reflex, I should have checked on other parts of my body but instead, I decided to take photos of my clean shaven legs ala flambe...

Funnily enough, the smell was still there and then I started to brush the left side of my hair... holee.. But l think I was lucky since they were wet from heavy sweating which sort of protected the hair.

Shit, man.

Luckily (or so I think) my glasses protected my eyebrows and eyelids but they're a little sticky when I blink. And  prickly when I rub my eyes.

After a nice shower, yeah, those back stuff were the burnt hairs...

And then when I started to dig my nose... aw, hell no!

For the next few days, I'll just be a good little boy and eat my meals using the rice cooker since I have quite a bit of curry chicken, pasta sauce and salad left. No more being the Kitchen Terror for the time being until the stove has been checked out.
Maybe I did not stack the burners right. Maybe I forgot to turn off the gas earlier. But whatever it is, I really need to get the stove checked out. I was lucky but I don't want to push my luck too much.

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