02052016 Ant Man

Well, finally, I got to see this  movie. Some time ago, I was watching it and the first few minutes were kinda bland. It  was so boring, I actually paid no heed to what was going on. On the second attempt, I was more interested in seeing how much Megabytes I can remove from my Hard disk. I mean, how can this movie be so exciting with some old men punching faces and making meat jams?

Then, when they started on the Heist, I was paying attention. Because, of all things, Hollywood just love to use Velleman Electronic kits for those DIY circuits. And when he got into the bathtub... whoa! Ant Man rocks!

Anyway, I have heard of Ant-Man in the comics and I know that this movie is slightly different. But it's still quite close to the comics. I mean the characters are all there but in better circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed the Movie although I was months late. My last two Jobs did not allow me the luxury of going to a lot of Movies and social events. Michael Douglas;s voice was great and when his daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly) first showed up, I thought it was Bryce Dallas Howard. But anyway, the most enjoyable parts were when Scott broke into Pym's home, first tested the suit, his training, the fight with Falcon, and more importantly the scene with the Wasp. That's about it. The fight in the end wasn't that great apart from the slight comedy of distractions and the ants crawling over the BIOS battery in the servers.

For those who wants to know, the middle (ready soldered, gosh!) green circuit board is a 9-volt Velleman Sound-to-Light kit (MK103), sitting inside a Velleman (Not Storm nor Pelican) EPC022 Waterproof Case. I am not sure why they needed the two project cases on the left as it was not used in the movie. Unfortunately, I could not recognise the other circuits actually used in the Heist itself. Velleman Kits were no stranger to movies ever since we noticed in from Christopher Nolan's Batman where the Joker used them as bomb triggers.
This is the part which always irritates me. There are, as far as I know,fingerprint scanners do not have a scanning bar going up or down. It's Hollywood's idea of telling people hot it works. Some thing like Main actors needing to take off their helmets (Judge Dredd) to remind the audience who he was.

I like Hank Pym's Prototype Signal Decoy
It looks like a very nice idea for a keychain

I wonder if anyone has made one already
The Blueprint of the Prototype
See the credits for the role of a Writer. It's Anna Akana!
Who's Anna Akana? This is Anna Akana!

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