Relocating a system

There are many things we do for our customers, from installing a new system to maintaining it to upgrading it to relocating it and even to dismantle and even sell it off. So, here is a typical job for us on a normal day. We need to move the system from one side of the office to the next and also at the same time, to relocate both the existing network and phones cables at the same time too. And then, to lay more new network and phone cables as well.

Luckily for us, the "other side" is just behind the wall and since most of the cables are going through the four holes, it made our job easier. So, we broke the job into three sessions.

The first was to relocate the system and also make sure the existing phones are still working. The second session is to lay fresh network and phone cables for the new desks and lastly, to standby on site to make sure everything works.

In this job, you'd really have to think and work fast since time is money and at the same time, in the cheapest way possible for the customer.

This is the system we're going to relocate to the other side

And how do we do this? There are four holes in the wall
where the cables come through

So, we're going to pull it back from the other side

See the four holes?

All done! But because its already late in the evening,
we just connected the wires quickly and tidy up

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