Saturday afternoon with Kristine

Just as I came back from work at three, it was quite sunny and Kristine wanted to go out to play. And she has started to like ambehbas now.

Yes, our very own ambehba girl

Parading around the 1.0L Daihatsu car

Unfortunately, the ambehba was too big

So, she had to drag it about. Luckily, there was no strong wind

And dragged it, she did

All over the place, I might add

And she gave me a small flower too

I was also surprised that she does know how to cycle

And after a long afternoon, its time for an evening nap

Before she starts to put food on the floor again

Oh, another thing, Kristine likes to have showers now,
instead of bubble baths


Anonymous said...

Kristine looks so active but how come when I come to ur house, she so quiet? she sit still and play with her pooh bear only, never mess around.

CFC said...

Ha ha ha ha!
You wait. Play with her and give some sweets, after 30 minutes when she warm up, you'd want to run away alredi