Going back for more

Instead of going for CNY shopping, we need to move more stuff back. And so, it was another trip to good old KK. Going back there, the memories and also the sight (as if it was hit by a tornado) really made me want to just lie on the floor, with the air-con at full blast and sleep for a week. But still, there is work to be done. My job there, apart from being the chauffer, was to change the curtains and also move other heavy things.

Plants! I mean plants! Sheesh. I have to carry plants!

I guess either someone made a very clear message to
our dear neighbour or they moved it themselves. Either
way, its not our problem anymore

This is one of their favourite part in KK

OK, I need to figure out why the D50 focussed
more on the two ladies than Kristine

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Loctor Mayat said...

probably your focusing settings set to 'closest'.

Need to change that