Shooting with the D50

OK, the first thing I noticed in the morning, was the bright Sunlight and its only 9AM. And Kaelynn was the first to get up. So, I took her down for some breakfast and then followed her around with my Nikon D50. Later, when Kristine woke up, I did the same.

Test shots of Kaelynn, Then I realised I was shooting in
Macro mode, but no flash.

Action shots of Kaelynn using child mode
I tell you, this camera is damn fast! I can
take shots after shots in less than quarter
of a second (I think) compared with my
two ex-FujiFilms which takes seconds

Some "shooting from the hip" shots I tested with
Kaelynn. Except for the one with the cat and with
Kristine sleeping

Big sister woke up! My favourite shot of the day was
where Kristine just woke up with puffy eyes and a bit
of a tear (top right). The background is all blurred,
which makes you focus on her face.

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