Introducing my Nikon D50!

By the time I cleared the Subang area (which was jammed up with a lot of people coming out from a function at Holiday Villa) it was already midnight. And kktan was waiting for me. So, we got to business first: My NIKON D50

Before handing it over to me, he showed me everything I needed to know about the D50 so I can start shooting. kktan even packed the D50 just like when he bought it the first time, so, I can also savour the moment when I see the D50 for the first time. Call me nuts but sometimes, these small gestures is what makes the experience worthwhile. I think he knows that I was too excited to read the manuals anyway. After a good run through, I managed to take a few night shots but my hands were shaking more than it should. kktan was quite patient in explaining the camera to me and maybe its just me, but I did detect a hint of sadness as if he is going to lose a very good friend. After that, I gave him the cash (thanks to my very good Brother) and Southern bak gua, I rushed all the way back home to try out the camera. (I just hope there were no speed traps that night)

First impression at 2AM in the morning
There was a reason why I rushed back, actually: my stomach decided to make chocolate slurry. And during this time, it was then I started to fiddle with the camera. As I like to shoot without much flash, i find there is a problem. kktan explained to me that when there is insufficient light, the flash would automatically pop up. So, that took me much about an hour in the toilet (without the manual) to figure out how to disable it. But every time I changed the shooting mode of switch the camera on again, the flash would reappear. And I think I need more time to see how to change the White balance when in other pre-set modes like Macro or Children shots.

But I just want to say this:

After more than two decades, I finally got a Nikon SLR!!!

Please say hello to my Nikon D50!

I got this heavy blade for RM11.50 It has a small drawer for spare
blades. And when you close it, it has a nice click sound, as if you're
loading a magazine into a gun. Top is by Canon and bottom is by
Nikon, both in Macro mode. Just look at the Nikon's details

The D50 taking photos of blueyebabe's canon Powershot A400.
See the back ground going blurry? I like that!

Just for fun, I decided to take macro shots with and without
flash on both cameras. Left is by Canon and right is by
Nikon. A lot of difference, eh?


Loctor Mayat said...

You've got it mate!

Anything not sure.. just ask me or kktan.

D50's greatest strength is the color saturation. Try shooting on a hot sunny afternoon. You will see the sky going SUPER BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

Nex said...

Congrats on your new(ish) SLR my friend, you have just stepped into a much bigger world.

Now can someone find me a 2nd hand Nikon D3 at a really good price? He he he :p

zybisko14 said...