Look Ma, no hands!

While I was in Pasar Road today (because I had a valid excuse to go there, OK) I went to Pudu Plaza's photo shop called YL Camera Service. I think it was originally located under an escalator before but I am not so sure. Actually, I was eyeing this shop for months when I was looking for a replacement to my dead FujiFilm camera. They do sell a lot of second hand cameras and lens as well, plus other new equipment.

Anway, I summoned all my courage and went it to have a looksee. After talking with them about the D50, I decided to enquire about the infra-red remote controller. I was thinking about this for days and today, I decided to blow caution against the wind and bought it.

And after everyone has gone back, I decided to play with it in the office. Hee hee hee hee

[Clockwise from topleft]
1,2,3 They let me try with the remote in the shop and I tested from almost a few angles
4. See the Nikon D200 there? RM3750 Body only!

[Clockwise from topleft]
1. The ML-L3 remoe is very small, so, can easily get lost wun. That is my thumb
2. It takes a CR-2025 battery, which I hope got stock
3. What the..! Buttons are soft membrane wuns la! Haiya!

Test shots with delay flash and lots of jumping about on the floor!
Some are missed timing and some nearly hit the table where the camera
was. Had to use manual focus or else the lens would try to focus first before
it starts to take the picture which would result in more delay


Anonymous said...

hi, may i know how much did you pay for the remote?

CFC said...


I got it for RM50.
I know there are other places which could be cheaper. The ones sold on line like lelong.com.my (RM29.90 + 3.00 postage) but its one of those "I just happen to be there and I want it now" moments.

Anonymous said...

cfc, thanx, sounds kinda cheap, i tot it will cost at least rm15o n above for the remote, just curious, does it only works for d50 or other nikon dlsr as well...

Nex said...

I'm curious as to how this particular type of infra-red remote control work. Is it like a TV remote where you have to point it directly at the 'sensor' on the camera, or like a car remote where it'll work even if you're lying in bed pressing the button under the comforter 5 floors up from the car?