Shots in the Dark

So, after our dinner we decided to walk back to the Hotel. As we neared the Hotel, we took a left turn too early and ended up at this playground. So, I told my techs to go on ahead while I try out some night shots. (Little did I know, the route they took, the same route I followed afterwards, ended up nowhere and I had to go out and make a big circle to go back to the hotel)

What attracted me earlier was the sound of the kids playing there with their Father. Once I looked on, with the lights on, the playground is quite nice. But with so much shadows, and with the sound of the children, it can be a bit weird. Anyway, i decided to take some shots of the playground and its surroundings since the night has a nice cooling breeze and was not raining. But I do realised that I was quite lucky that night. Halfway out of the place, as soon as my eyes start to ajust themselves, there were some people all in the park afterall.

But all I can say is, I should be bringing a tripod wherever I go. And a small torchlight. Definitely a small torchlight because the D50 does not have light at the control panel and I had to rely on streetlamps to see the settings.Haih

This was fun to take. I laid the camera on top of my Temjin
model kit on the floor and then used a timer. But when I took
with with a flash, it was not so nice.

I had to keep as still as possible with the wind blowing. But I realised
that if I took one shot and then lift my finger up and try again, they
would come out very blur (if you magnify the picture). So, I set it to
take multiple shots while I hold the camera and took the best one.
But for the swings, I just adjust the EV setting and it was fine

If I set the White Balance to others this building would look horrible.
But in the old days, it would look nice with everything reddish and
all yellowy. I decided to set it just he way I saw it. Yeah, boring
The shot on the right, was in an alley and I tried to convey a very
lonely/quiet image. Guess I failed. Even the moon was not full,
using manual focus and taking multiple shots was the only

I took this shot last year and decided to take it again. But its not very good
as I did not have a tripod. However, the bottom shot is what it looked
like during the day. It looked better in the night, as if it was a scene
from Blade Runner.

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