Poor Kaelynn

This morning, I had to bandage Kaelynn's right toe and
right thumb. Her toe is still a bit dry and so the skin are
still cracking whereas on her thumb, the fingernail is
about to come off. Curious as she is, I do not want her
to pick at it and then pull it off. Sure cry wun

OK, truth is, I just want to take shots of the fingernail
when it finally comes off. Bad Daddy


Nex said...

Hey, how did Kaelynn hurt her thumb and toe? Didn't see an earlier post about this.

Must be so painful when it happened...kesihan...

CFC said...


Her thumb was hit by Kristine who slammed the doors despite us warning her. And her toes was cut open by small sharp stones when she did not wear any shoes while walking about outside the house. All this happened about more than two weeks ago.