The morning after.....

I did not have a good nights sleep last night. I just remembered it was Valentine's Day. Before this, I used to get my Wife some stuff on Valentine's Day but from Johor trip, I could not get her anything. Still, I gave her something this morning and I won't know until I get my ass off from the office chair.

Still, the two day's trip caused me a lot of worries as we did not actually have enough cash. At all. The main priorities went to the van's petrol and toll. This time, the petrol was a bit more than usual since there were three person in it and we carried a lot of gear. The night in JB was the next thing that zapped our resources since I was hoping for a night's stay in Kulai which I believe, could cost us between RM50 to RM100 and not RM195. So, for lunch, dinner and dinner, we had to go ultra cheep cheep. Luckily the Hotel had Buffet Breakfast which I told the techs to stuff themselves. But after one serving, we all sort of gave up since the quantity was there but not the quality. Hiah Hiah Hiah.

Mr. Credit Card helped me buy this very hard to find model kit

The receipts from tolls, petrol, meals etc. I have to get
them sorted out before I forget what is what

Finally, I relented and bought an expensive RM12.90
handsfree kit at a Highway stop. The RM5 handsfree
was broken and the next RM5 was not working too
well. Yeah, I go through them like crazy. Either that
or I have to donate to the Poiliceman's Ball

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