RM34.99 or RM24.95?

[12032010 2058]

After my RM15.00 haircut (no more RM5.00 or Rm3.75 now, since the hairdesser is starting to recognise me, knowing when my last haircut was........), I decided to pop by Toys r Us to get something for Kaelynn.

This is because tomorrow is Saturday and this is the time where she will be in the baby pool in the evening. I promised her that if she does put her whole face into the water, I will get her one of those water squirts. She saw this last week when on e of the children had one. These are, effectively, a air pump where you pull one end to suck in water and push it to force the water out. Its safe because the whole pump is wrapped in soft sponge. So there is no fear of 'accidents' in the pool.

And just as I predicted, she did dunk her head and for the rest of the evening, we practised shooting at Kristine to make her swim faster. So, for the rest of the time, although the same kids were there with their water pumps, they sat and watched us play because *ahem* we were shooting with much accuracy and more than 30 feet.......

Although I was tempted, but at about RM10.00 per
this is very expensive. Yeah, I never did have
a Batmissile and missed them at every chance.


Rm24.95 for a big 'un or the little quirt?
Big one means more water but too big for Kaelynn's
hands. Small one has little oomph but just right for
her hands. Of course, bigger firepower rules, OK!

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