Kaelynn's First Nosebleed

[11.03.2010 19:32]

When I came back home, the girls were as their normal self. But it was not until much later, I noticed Kaelynn's nose was a bit too red. She had her first nosebleed, of course. But when I asked her, if she dig her nose or something, she claimed that Kristine hit her head and nose with a book. But Kristine denied it. This set me in panic mode because I kept cleaning her nose with wet tissue paper and the blood still came out.

This is Kaelynn moments before she sneezed.........

Yes, I know its booger mixed with semi-clot
blood. But I really panicked when I saw this.
Funnily enough, the only action I could do
was to take her picture by reflex. Shame la.

After cleaning her up, she sneezed again but this time,
the booger came out of her other nostril, which has no
blood. So, there is no serious injury. Then I realised,
we're still in the middle of a heatwave...... That is why
she had nosebleed. Same as me years before.

By the time I realised everything has gone back to normal with just a normal nosebleed, Wife came back and she took over. Phew.


Blueyebabe said...

aiyooo...how come ur 1st response is to snap picture? aiks!

CFC said...

Dunno wat to do, so body run on reflex, ma.

If you take off clothes, I won't see you but quick quick rush for camera.......

Blueyebabe said...