Dropping in at ICW

[23.10.2010 1519]

I did not have the time to go to Pasar today since I had a more pressing thing to do, which is to make sure some of my office work is done. This means I had to go to the other Department to get them to do the stuff that I needed. Doing it on Monday would be hectic for everyone and not only that, my Senior would be on my back for this kind of wasting time 'crap'. And after lunch, everything was completed, more or less. But by then, it was too late to go to Pasar road since the Sun was already making the whole place unbearable.

By this time, I had a choice, which is to either visit ICW or just go home. I do not want to go to KL since the road would be full of traffic jam everywhere. And neither did I want to go to ICW since I know its jammed too.

So, I chose ICW since I had not been there for ages. Besides, I want to know how accurate the Nokia GPS is when going through the short-cuts to ICW from Taman Mayang instead of from the Bandar Utama way.

While I was there, Ray and other members were already in the middle of a diorama project where their deadline is November 24th next month. And they have figured out some LED wiring using those big 6 volt batteries since their effort would be displayed for a week. But I am not going to show you what they're working on as its a secret. So, I will show you something else instead:

This is a very nice Gundam model. Its
backpack caught my attention because
its not a normal Gundam backpack or
booster. I think its part of a Gundam leg.

And also, some very nice work from a Core Fighter
Group build where each member did their very own
version (interpretation) of Gundam Core Fighters. I
am starting to like these fighters because after seeing
so many Gundams, it gets kind of boring. Even those
ver. Ka versions gets tired very fast. To me, its just a
nice excuse for better model re-issue. Oh, this version
is very nice, its as if the Fighter got banged up in an
asteroid field.

This is Becky's Core Fighter.

Inspired by Zoids

Very realistic/military version

Very 80's

I am not sure about this but painting it this colour is
just a bit weird. The original white theme is already
very nice. Then again, this is not my model so it is
not nice to say anything further.

And abandoned Core Fighter. This is what happens
when you do not plan your maintenance budget.

This is a very nice version. And without the wings,
it already tells you that this is only suitable for
the Spaceflight missions

This is a very big Core fighter from Joeker.

And it looks very functional. Apart from the yellow
vertical slat in the intakes, it is perfect.

The model can stand on its own and well, its just
so beautiful to look at.

Yes, I know that this is not an actual Gundam model
but a kit-bashed one which uses a Macross cockpit

And other parts which I am not familiar with.

But the real reason I was there is to look for some
add-on parts which I needed if I am to proceed
with my secret project. So, I bought some very
nice rectangular nozzles and a pair of aluminium

A close up look at the nozzles. Its about 2.5mm x 8mm.
Originally, I wanted round ones but either they do not
have it or, it does not exist. But kudos for Kotobukiya
for filling this third party market segment.

And these thrusters are made from aluminium (I think)
where it is turned on a lathe and not casted. When I
have more cash, I will need more of them.

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