Trip to Mid-Valley 24102010

This is a last minute trip to Mid-Valley because the girls need their makeup stuff for the concert tomorrow. And I hate last minute stuff. But it can't be helped. Both of use were so busy that neither of us noticed we were too busy to notice we were actually very busy.

Since it was almost nearing to seven,
I parked at The Gardens which had
more parking spaces at that time as
the Mid-Valley ones are usually
occupied by office workers at this time.

And so, we passed by the Fountains
which always captured our attention

Since it is near to Deepavali, the place
is decorated with a lot of nice Kolams.
Unfortunately, some of them were
marred by some over enthusiastic kids.
I would say kids because the marks made
are very small.

So, first thing first, which is for Mommy to
get all the make-up stuff. And after that,
because they were hungry, we gave them
ice-cream. This gave Mommy some time
for her to get other stuff for the family.

After that, it was time for a real dinner. And
so, the girls were treated to some noodles in
an edible bowl. As usual, they fought but not
so much that the bowl was still intact.

Only when Kaelynn's Pizza came, did the girls
learn about sharing and yes, friendship.
I wonder why...

Note to self: Never let the girls eat first anymore
since they would be 'too free' while we are eating.

Before we go home, I did a quick detour to Art Friend
to look for a round globe but it was out of stock. Then,
as I was about to leave, I saw some diorama kits which
lets you make some very nice diorama for your models.

For an average of RM75.00, this is
a great kit. However, because I was
not interested, it became 'just a kit'.

The also have some trees in a few
choice scale too.

So, they got what they came here for and boy, tomorrow is going to be a long day.

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