How to keep them quiet

[16.10.2010 1211]

I was called by a friend of mine to help him in a small job in a house that was being built. What I needed to do was to run some audio cables through some pipes before the other contractors start to lay the foundation for big tile slabs. Practically, its a very easy job since everything was on-site.

The only problem was that on the very day, everyone in the house has gone out, leaving me and the girls alone. So, I had to bring them along, even though I know it was dangerous. But compared to leaving them alone in the house, this was just a walk in the park....

At first, they were cupping their ears because
of the drilling. And also, this was very new to
them who has never seen an uncompleted house.

I like the idea of this design except that I
cannot tell you what it is. And no, it is not
that you think it is because I purposely
took this from another angle.

In the end, the girls were 'kept' in a room which
has a completed floor. And so, their 'ballet' dance

But after a while, they got restless, and hungry
toom despite my bringing them some Oreos.
So, the owner got some table and chair and lent
them some papers, etc. And there is peace again...

By the time I had done my part, we were all ready to go home and one the way, picked up Mommy from school since I was using her car instead of mine.

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